Friday, January 25, 2013

Another gap in the record

Here's another photo of an unconformity you can put your finger on. This one is from the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. It is a contact between Cambrian and Devonian sediments. On the left, the light grey/buff rocks are Cambrian. This unit is brecciated and trilobite fragments have been found in it. On the right are Devonian rocks. This unit contains stromatoporoids.


  1. Hi Tannis, I found myself here from All-geo, and wanted to say, after perusing around, that you have some very nice geologically eclectic blog posts. The upstate NY posts are great especially for an upstater-educated geologist like myself (long ago). I think your letter to an undergraduate is just as good advice for a geology student today as it would have been in my day. Good luck with your research and career.