Monday, December 14, 2015

AGU15 Day 0: The day the rifting people came together

I arrived in San Francisco yesterday (Saturday), and had a lovely afternoon exploring my new temporary neighborhood. This morning I had an early start, navigating Muni to get downtown for a Geoprisms RIE (Rift Initiation and Evolution) mini-workshop.  The meeting was on the 36th floor of the Hyatt. After the heavy rain in the morning, the sun came out, and during the breaks people naturally drifted to the windows to enjoy the view.

The workshop was great. There was a lot of talk about magma and melt generation, but also the need to study the surficially-amagamatic parts of continental rifts (hey, that's where I work...).  The morning rift workshop was followed up by an afternoon/evening STEPPE workshop about how awesome Lake Tanganyika is (Lake Tanganyika: A Miocene-Recent Source-to-Sink Laboratory in the African Tropics).

This day was great for me - lots of things for me to think about for my current research and the manuscript I'm working on, but also lots of ideas for future research.

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